Body leasing

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Entrusting employees, or body leasing, is a practice in which a company commissions another company to provide employees for a certain period of time. There are several reasons why body leasing can be profitable:

  1. Cost Savings: Body leasing is often cheaper than hiring full-time staff. Instead of incurring costs related to recruitment, training, insurance and other benefits, the company can hire an employee. If it turns out that an employee does not meet the requirements, he can easily be replaced with another. As a result, you can save on employment and maintenance costs. Using body leasing allows you to avoid personnel costs. Of course, it is worth hiring employees so that the most important knowledge remains in the company. Entrusting employees then is a perfect complement to resources.
  2. Flexibility: This type of outsourcing provides flexibility in hiring employees. The company can adapt the number of employees to changing business needs. For example, during periods of increased activity, more employees can be hired, and during periods of slowdown, employees can be laid off. This allows you to effectively manage human resources and avoid unnecessary costs.
  3. Specialist knowledge: Using our employees means drawing on the experience of experts who have participated in many projects for many clients. This means that they had the opportunity to learn different solutions and know which ones work better and which less in practice. They also have greater experience through wider access to the ideas and experiences of colleagues who work on other orders of our other clients. We provide substantive exchange, i.e. internal consultations to support the client’s project.
  4. Focus on key tasks: Using body leasing, the company can focus on key tasks and strategic areas of activity, leaving personnel management and related duties to an external agency. This allows you to increase operational efficiency and spend more time developing your business.
  5. Risk reduction: the company transfers part of the risk associated with hiring employees to us. We are responsible for the recruitment, qualification and management of employees, which usually reduces the risk associated with unsuccessful recruitment or inadequate skills of employees.

However, it is worth remembering that entrusting employees has its drawbacks and is not suitable for every company or project. There are certain factors, such as control and confidentiality of data or consistency of organizational culture, that may influence the decision to choose this form of outsourcing. Before making a decision, it is worth carefully researching and considering both the benefits and potential risks associated with body leasing. We are happy to help with this process.