The core areas of our activity include:

  • IT consultancy for software and IT infrastructure
  • Design, production, implementation and maintenance of software
  • DevOps and SysOps for Cloud/Docker/Kubernetes
  • Planning, delivery, implementation and maintenance of IT infrastructure
  • IT outsourcing (body-leasing)

// we program and write scripts in C / C++ / C#, Java, Go, Python, NodeJS, PHP, Bash, JavaScript, HTML+CSS,

// implement and manage data collection and analysis tools using Spark, Hadoop, Hive,

// as well as CMS, CRM, ERP systems and online stores.

// we select appropriate SQL, NoSQL, Key/Value databases, such as: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Aerospike, ETCD,

// we work on Linux systems (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian),

// in Kubernetes container environment,

// in the cloud with providers such as: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Computing, Digital Ocean, Hetzner, OVH.

  • Application design

    Application design

    There are many factors that are important when designing an application. Here are a few of them: These points are only the basis of application design. It is also important to take into account specific industry and market requirements to create an application that best meets the expectations and needs of its users. We will…

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  • Body leasing

    Body leasing

    Entrusting employees, or body leasing, is a practice in which a company commissions another company to provide employees for a certain period of time. There are several reasons why body leasing can be profitable: However, it is worth remembering that entrusting employees has its drawbacks and is not suitable for every company or project. There…

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  • DevOps and SysOps

    DevOps and SysOps

    DevOps and SysOps are two different concepts and roles of the IT infrastructure management, especially in the context of software development. Here are the basic differences between them: DevOps is a combination of the terms “development” and “operations”. It is a concept that assumes close cooperation and integration between teams of programmers (developers) and system…

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  • Kubernetes


    What is Kubernetes and how can it improve the production in your company? Kubernetes (short k8s) is a system for managing applications running on multiple computers at the same time. It is an application cloud in which it does not matter for the programmer and the user on which computer the application is currently running.…

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  • Programming


    One of the biggest challenges of web application development is ensuring adequate performance and scalability. Web applications often face heavy load when many users are using them simultaneously. Developers have to build applications that can handle large amounts of data and network traffic while maintaining performance. Another major challenge is ensuring security. Internet applications often…

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  • Spark | Hadoop | Hive

    Spark | Hadoop | Hive

    Spark, Hadoop and Hive are popular tools used in the field of big data processing. Here is a brief overview of each: In conclusion Spark, Hadoop and Hive are tools for computing data in distributed environments. Spark provides flexibility and efficiency in data processing, Hadoop enables storage and processing of large data sets, and Hive…

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