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  • Body leasing

    Entrusting employees, or body leasing, is a practice in which a company commissions another company to provide employees for a certain period of time. There are several reasons why body leasing can be profitable: However, it is worth remembering that entrusting employees has its drawbacks and is not suitable for every company or project. There…

  • foster-it

    https://foster-it.pl/ „FOSTER_IT is an independent division of Fostertravel.pl Sp. z o.o. company.We are a premiere software development house and a trusted business partner for start-ups and businesses of all sizes. We help your business transform and align with demands of today’s digital economy. We do this, by creating complex web applications, custom designed for your…

  • bertek

    https://www.bertek.eu/ „IT competences & skills commitment in a different way!Reduce the time to market of your digital projects with our web, mobile and agile experts.” // Bertek is our professional partner in the field of body leasing //