Tag: designing

  • Application design

    There are many factors that are important when designing an application. Here are a few of them: These points are only the basis of application design. It is also important to take into account specific industry and market requirements to create an application that best meets the expectations and needs of its users. We will…

  • DevOps and SysOps

    DevOps and SysOps are two different concepts and roles of the IT infrastructure management, especially in the context of software development. Here are the basic differences between them: DevOps is a combination of the terms “development” and “operations”. It is a concept that assumes close cooperation and integration between teams of programmers (developers) and system…

  • Cooperation for designing and programming of an inland nautical navigation system.

  • National Register of Employment Agencies. System development and maintenance.

  • Car satellite navigation systems for mobile devices and smartphones MapaMap and MapaMap Travel. Design, implementation and team management. Digital maps by Imagis, TeleAtlas and Navteq.

  • A system of maintenance, supervision and analysis of rolling stock operating costs for a forwarding company. 20 stands.

  • Quota management system in accordance with the requirements of the European Union, connected to the central quota management system in Brussels – SIGL iSIGL2. Mixed technology: client – server and www (Web Services), Java, MSSQL.

  • Warehouse automation and optimization system with EDIFACT communication and cooperation with the company management system for a large drug wholesaler.

  • Moti Sp. z o. o.

    Programming of dedicated ordering system with integration of various sales channels, suppliers and shipping systems. (PrestaShop, Baselinker, Allegro, E-Bay)