One of the biggest challenges of web application development is ensuring adequate performance and scalability. Web applications often face heavy load when many users are using them simultaneously. Developers have to build applications that can handle large amounts of data and network traffic while maintaining performance.

Another major challenge is ensuring security. Internet applications often store and process sensitive data, such as personal data or financial information. Developers have to effectively protect the application from hacking attacks, including data theft attempts, code injection or unauthorized access to the system.

Additionally, creating an intuitive user interface (UI) and ensuring good usability (UX) are other important challenges. Web applications should be easy to use and responsive, providing users with a pleasant experience. Creating such an interface requires understanding the needs and expectations of users as well as effective design and implementation of interactions.

Version control and code management also pose challenges when developing web applications. For larger projects where multiple developers collaborate on code, effective version management, conflict resolution, and code consistency are important.

Finally, rapidly changing technologies and trends in the field of web development present a constant challenge. Developers must stay up-to-date with new tools, frameworks, and best practices to create web applications that meet the latest standards and user expectations.

Of course, the challenges of web application development may vary depending on the specific project and its requirements, but the above points are pretty common and require higher attention when developing web applications.