Category: references

  • CMS24 Connect Marketing Service GmbH

    A comprehensive solution for managing a company in the Call Center industry (Customer Service Office). CRM/ERP; CTI, TAPI; All components as a dedicated solution tailored to the special needs of demanding customers.

  • Support in the development of a professional and high-performance Ad Server system for displaying video ads in classic billing models as well as OpenRTB. processing large amounts of data; linking advertising services between television and the Internet; APIs for various applications; system monitoring; backup and backup strategy; software development and testing. System operations, kubernetes based…

  • Secunet AG

    Support of a project for the Root Certification Authority platform for the Egyptian Government. Creating a user interface for certificate management as well as authentication of new certificates using card readers.

  • Telcat Salzgitter AG

    Support as a subcontractor for projects related to billing of telecommunications connections and CTI/TAPI for various contractors of the client. Technologies: PHP, Delphi, SybaseSQL, Windows

  • ERP system design and development. Software for managing a professional warehouse with a very large area, tailored to the individual needs of the client “Value Edit”, i.e. the ability to process items in the warehouse into new products and packages. Interfaces to contractors’ ERP systems and order management. API for carrier systems such as DHL…

  • Cooperation for designing and programming of an inland nautical navigation system.

  • National Register of Employment Agencies. System development and maintenance.

  • Car satellite navigation systems for mobile devices and smartphones MapaMap and MapaMap Travel. Design, implementation and team management. Digital maps by Imagis, TeleAtlas and Navteq.

  • Design and team management in the implementation of map software for servers of the WWW.ZUMI.PL portal. Map visualization, geocoding, routing, based on orthophotomaps and digital maps by Imagis.

  • Design and implementation of an aesthetic clinic management system (CRM, Document Archive, Billing, Reporting) + Interface for patients.